County Ordinances

Dog Leash and tag law – Island county does have a leash law.  All dog owners are required to keep their dogs confined to their yard or on a leash when they walk them.  Additionally, it is your responsibility to restrain your animal from causing destruction to the plants and gardens of your neighbors and to pick up your dog’s poop.  Even though your neighbor may like your dog, its not their animal and they shouldn’t have to pick up its poop.
Preserving Night Skies Lighting Laws – One of the reasons many of us moved out of the city is to enjoy a star filled sky.  We have more stars out here because of the lower light pollution.  If you have never seen it, the link here shows what our skies would look like without the city lights dimming much of its beauty.

We may not be able to see this level, but it would be nice to keep as much as possible.  And there is also a law/ordinance enforcing it.

Septic Systems Guide – Basic information on how to maintain, when to inspect and things you shouldn’t put down your drains to extend the life of your septic system.

All ordinances for Island County can be found at the following Website: